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Attention book lovers! This site offers you a glimpse at the books created by MaryAnn Doty Rizzo. These books fall into two groups: fiction and non-fiction.
Each of these groups have two sub-groups.


Hello! I am MaryAnn Doty Rizzo. I have designed and published some books and other materials that you might find interesting. Select one of the links below to review the different material. If you click on my picture, you will go to the professional librarian books.. Have you been searching for that special bookstore that is geared to one author? Walter Swan had one in Bisbee, Arizona that was featured on the Johnny Carson show.

This is not a one-book operation rather it is a one-author operation. Come in and see the variety of materials that I offer.

My resume is available for those who would like to check on my background. Most of the material is copyrighted but will be available for purchase from my small company which independently publishes my material.

For non-fiction: you can choose from the genealogical books on her family. genealogical books by John Hubert Doty and revised by me, click on "John Hubert Doty" below. These include works on the following families: Doty, Tipsoward, Soward, Vancel, and Lyerly as well as families related through marriage.
The other area of non-fiction include books of interest to librarians: readability studies and cataloguing. Other books may be developed later.
For fiction: you can choose from her novels and collection of her short stories. For information on fictional stories, click on "Short Stories, Novellas, Novels, & Picture Books" below.
  Or, you can choose her picture books.


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To contact us, send an e-mail to MaryAnn Doty Rizzo.


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